SFSI Seminars is proud to present: Understanding Non-Standard Genders, Gender Transition, and the Issues these Individuals Face with Charles Moser


(Please note both SFSI graduates and non-SFSI members can purchase tickets with this link. Feel free to pass on to other folks who may be interested in this seminar. Thank you!)

When: Tuesday, June 24th, 8-10pm
Where: Center for Sex and Culture (1349 Mission St, SF)

Every part of our culture is gendered and it can seem an impossible task to change one’s gender.  When individuals feel their assigned gender does not fit their own gender identity there can be great conflicts with society, loved ones, career, and themselves.  This talk will discuss the hurdles these individuals face in accepting themselves, navigating the world during transition, finding professionals to help shape their body,  their appearance, and the way they present themselves to fit their inner gender identity. 

This talk and interactive workshop will challenge what you think you know about gender, how the transition is made, the medical aspects of the process.  Participants will leave with a more sympathetic understanding of the process and how to help those contemplating gender transition to proceed.

About Charles Moser:

Charles Allen Moser is an American physician specializing in internal medicine and focusing on sexual medicine. Moser is based in San Francisco and focuses his research and practice on individuals in the LGBT, kink, and fetish communities.

About SFSI Seminars:

Ever wanted to learn more about how to teach or work with a certain topic, but can’t find the right workshop? Sex educators, therapists, and health field professionals work with a constantly evolving body of knowledge. Join SFSI for a night of education on and exploration of a certain topic, led by a specialist in the field. Never stop learning!


Reclaiming our Pleasure Rights: Exploring Sexuality for Trans* Folk and their Lovers with Lee Harrington


Tuesday, 2/11, 7pm

Let’s skip to the meat of the matter: we want sex, we have sex, and we deserve sex. But how can we reclaim our pleasure rights when we won’t even talk about it with our friends and lovers? In this class we will dive into the fears we have around rejection and body dysphoria, then put that all on a shelf for a few minutes to dive into what actually WORKS! How does humor and joy play into our pursuit of pleasure? What issues face trans* folks or others who are outside the binary who have male partners, female partners, trans* partners, and hell, what do you call the stuff between your legs anyway? Does it matter? We’ll touch on the issues of safer sex as well, in a community where our desperation to be touched the way we need to be touched has led to a heartbreaking habit of doing anything to get our needs met. Breathe deep, and get ready to listen from your heart and share from your spirit.
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"Assume Nothing" / SF Pride

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