This Is What YOU Want

5:00pm to 11:00 PM

The Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street, SF

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This piece is an invitation. For the audience of this is what you want 2012. An audience bombarded and inspired by the experience of other peoples work on desires over the week.

What is it that YOU want?  Do you know?  Does it matter?

What happens when you share it with others?

What sort of people do you want to share it with? (lover? friend? priest? teacher? student?)

What if you confessed a fake desire?  Or…someone else’s desire?

What is the value of speaking what you desire?

How valuable is your desire to you? Can you profit from speaking it?

What if you had to pay to say it to others?  Would you say it with passion? What if you said it indifferently?  What would you do if your desire could be fulfilled?

This is What YOU Want is a piece that provides us with a framework to explore these and other questions around an economy of desire.

As the culmination of TIWIW2012, Center or Sex and Culture hosts a participatory exploration conceived by Tessa Wills and Directed by TT Baum, developed with assistance from artists and Bay Area luminaries:  Kirk Read, Cayenne, Pele, Syd Blaekovitch, Sadie Lune, Praney, Christraper, Brontez, Ariadne, Syd Nova, Elizabeth McSturdy,  SiouxsieQ, Ian Waisler, Minax, Annie Danger, Captain Snowden, and Carol Queen. 

Tickets are $15 – $25 (with “appointment times” attached) this exploration is an hour long, and it will be presented in three stages. You can say a desire to the charger of your choosing,  rememeber that if you ask, maybe you will get what you desire… or not.   And maybe it will answer some of the questions above. Or not. Make it risky, make it profound. Or not!

We are expecting it to be many things, especially fun.

For a five hour performance exploration in unchartered territory between sensual practices and art practices, between performance and happening, embodying the theme of “This Is What I Want 2012″, and making the site of that research of the economy of desire culminate in your personal experience.

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