Sexuality Tomorrow: The New Dawn of Ethical Prostitution and Porn Production


Thursday, 1/30
Center for Sex & Culture

"Sexuality Tomorrow”, Psychology Tomorrow Magazine’s San Francisco debut, will feature porn intellectual Nica Noelle, sexologist and founder of the Center for Sex and Culture Carol Queen, sex work activist and filmmaker Kristen DiAngelo and SF sex therapist Natalie Mills. 

The evening will be one part soiree and one part Ted Talk: a panel discussion on “The New Dawn of Ethical Prostitution” will be filmed for online distribution.  

NICA NOELLE ( Nica Noelle has been called “the most important erotic writer and director of this era,” and is one of adult cinema’s most prolific and influential directors. She is credited with setting off the “couple’s porn” trend with her former studios Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, and Sweet Sinema Films. Since then, she has created four more successful studios with business partner AEBN including the award-winning Transromantic Films, Girl Candy Films, and Rock Candy Films. In her spare time, Noelle works as a freelance science journalist and is blogger for The Huffington Post.

KRISTEN DIANGELO ( After a lifetime of work in the sex trade, Kristen DiAngelo has decided to bring the profession out of the shadows with her documentary “American Courtesans” (, in which she talks candidly with women ranging from streetwalkers to big-money call girls, hoping to erase the stigma attached to an industry whose workers are frequently victimized but don’t enjoy equal protection under the law. 

CAROL QUEEN ( Carol Queen is a writer and educator with a doctorate in sexology. She is a former columnist for Playboy and the author of three previous books and editor of seven more, including Five Minute Erotica. She is an owner of Good Vibrations, a women-owned sex toy and book emporium, and she lives in San Francisco, California, where she also directs the Center for Sex and Culture.

NATALIE MILLS, MFT ( Natalie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco. She serves San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and the Peninsula. Her services are affirmative for Sex Workers and those who love them. As Psychology Tomorrow’s unofficial Bay Ambassador, Ms. Mills was crucial in organizing this event.

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Psychology Tomorrow Magazine
Unlike psychology magazines of the past, Psychology Tomorrow has a sex-positive approach. It explores the idea of sexuality as creative expression. It deals with the issues many other magazines are afraid to examine regarding sex, from fetishes to ideas about domination and submission, moving beyond conventional ideas about sexuality and the way we parcel things into “gay, straight, bisexual,” and broadening the perspective on peoples’ individual expression of their sexuality versus how we categorize them. 

Sexuality Tomorrow Website:

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The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, strives to promote creativity, information, and healthy sexual knowledge.

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