Communication For Thriving Sex-Positive Relationships: How to Overcome Communication Obstacles

June 7, 10 AM - 4 PM @ the Center for Sex and Culture
$50 or early registration $40 through May 24 
Lunch on your own
Dress Comfy and Casual 
Do you strive for deeper connections in your relationships….More fun in your play….Hotter sex? This 5-hour Playshop is designed to help you discover what gets in your way of having successful conversations. Do you believe you are a good communicator, only to find out that once a discussion is launched it all goes side-ways? Do you sometimes wind up feeling more upset and less connected than when you started? I will be presenting a fun, experiential and interactive Playshop where you will have the opportunity to find out what gets in the way of successful negotiations and respectful, connecting, and effective communication. 

Communication, open honest discussions and transparency are words used to describe one of the major “have-tos” in forging and/or maintaining any kind of non-monogamous relationship. How many times do we hear or read about the importance of good communication? Still many of us struggle with doing it peacefully and successfully, even when we thought we were skilled communicators. 

TO REGISTER: contact Karen Haas at In the message give an email address where you can be sent a PayPal invoice. 

Past Attendees Comments:  
“Loved the integration of so many approaches and systems into a doable practice.“

“I found everything you did useful. Thank you!  I would recommend this to others!”

“Of the few communication workshops I’ve done, you are the best listener. What a  good model for us.“

“I enjoyed your presentation style.”

Karen Haas, MA, is a professional, caring, and light-hearted counselor and trainer whose major passion is helping others experience the love and connection that they deeply desire. She took her first of many communication workshops 35 years ago, and has been on a mission since then to share it with anyone who will participate. She has brought her workshops to the public at both the International Polyamory Conference in Berkeley and the Northwest Leather Conference in San Jose.  

She has been personally involved in alternative relationship life-styles, including Non-Monogamy and Power Exchange for nearly two decades. It is a joy for her to share her communication skills with other sex-positive individuals, who thrive on strengthening and energizing their relationships. She is available for private sessions in Santa Rosa, CA and by phone. 
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