July 21 and 22: The CSC presents a SPECTACULAR weekend of photography with CHARLES GATEWOOD and THE MAYHEMS!


Saturday, July 21, 2-4PM

CHARLES GATEWOOD: The Body and Beyond—Fifty Years of Alternative Photography

$15/FREE with Purchase of Admission to the CSC Photo Club Shoot on the 22nd (see below)!

When Charles Gatewood began photographing America’s sexual underground in the early 1960s, he was considered by many to be an obsessed eccentric whose concerns were extremely marginal. Today, however, as public nudity, blatant exhibitionism, full body tattooing and piercing, and various forms of sadomasochistic excess have entered mainstream culture, Gatewood’s photographs appear not only historically significant, but also uncannily prophetic.

In his lecture, Charles will show his favorite photographs, describe how he built his erotic archive, and will answer all questions. Please join us for this special evening honoring Charles Gatewood’s achievements as a family photographer of our radical sex community. 


Sunday, July 22, 1-3PM

CSC Photo Club Shoot with The Mayhems

$70/shoot (earns you FREE admission to Charles Gatewood’s fantastic lecture on Saturday, July 21, see above)

This Month we have the Mayhems! 

CSC Photo Club : The Mayhems

Do you like taking pictures? Do you like porn or erotica? Create your own erotic images with the CSC Photo Club.  We are a diverse group of individuals that explore and honor the wide range of human sexual expression.  We are beginning as well as experienced photographers intent on creating a safe space and community for both photographers and models of all ethnicities, gender and sexual orientations, sizes, and physical abilities.  We have fun creating photographs that are both salacious and/or artistic.

In the past we have also  benefitted from the hands-on experience of professionals such as Michael Rosen, Michelle Serchuk, Charles Gatewood, and Phyllis Christopher.

This month we a pleased to have the Mayhems, SFs own hardcore fucking nerds- Maggie and Ned Mayhem of Meet the Mayhems

Each photographer will get a chance to direct a shoot— setting, staging, costumes, props, and lighting.

We would also like to extend an offer for all ticket buyers to attend the Charles Gatewood event the day before (July 21, 2-4PM) with that cost covered by your purchase of this month’s Photo Club tickets.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets!


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