Pornography: Threat or Menace? From the CSC Archive Show

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I am so proud of what has been accomplished in the last week to get this very important library together and nearing future use here at the Center for Sex and Culture.

I cannot sufficiently begin to thank all the hard working interns and volunteers, none this could have happened without you. Your role is a service to our community. 

On that note, please join this community as we celebrate Folsom St. Fair 2011, byGIVING TILL IT HURTS!!!

Come out to Folsom, get spanked, save the world.

Each year, Society of Janus holds a Charty Spanking and Flogging booth at Folsom Street Fair, the proceeds benefitting a local organization. This year, our designated beneficiary is Center for Sex & Culture
If you are a CSC supporter, we ask that you stop by the Janus booth on 9th between Folsom and Harrison and have some fun by getting spanked. Donations start at just $5 and there will be some really hot tops.

PS – Besides Janus’s generous sponsorship, we’ll be sharing a booth with Fantasy Makers again this year – more butt-warming and other naughtiness there too! And don’t miss our other Folsom Day goings-on:

SC Open House

Come by CSC (just two blocks from the Folsom Street Fair!) for our open house. 1349 MIssion St. bn 9th & 10th. Featuring archive show and sale of vintage dungeon equipment! 

The CSC Archive Show

Goodies from the Archive of the Center for Sex and Culture will be on display in a rare public showing of selections from the collection. The show features posters, photographs, letters, original documents and manuscripts, and other ephemera from a variety of historically, politically and sexologically significant sources. ’70s porn posters, original manuscripts of groundbreaking erotica, bondage toys of famous perverts and famous pervert places, a vibrating Nimbus 2000 Broomstick and more! Come see the beloved detritus of the movements that made San Francisco the Mecca of sexual liberation and libertinism that we know it as today.

NOT ONLY THAT! Here’s what our fiscal sponsee Mark I Chester is up to: 

For Folsom I am doing a group exhibition of sexual and erotic photography.  The opening is Fri Sept. 23rd and the show will have open hours Sat and Sun of Folsom.  Mark also will be doing a digital pix special on Sat and Sun.  The show will be open by appointment thru October. Mark now needs your support more than ever.  Hope to see you soon!

The Center for Sex and Culture 

1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, on corner of Grace St./Alley.

See at Folsom Street!

photo by lv

  • Cherry Poptart Loves YA! Part of Dr. Robert Lawrence’s Personal Collection
  • Rare, by appointment only Pulp. 
  • Richard Kern : Model Release by TASCHEN 

photo by lv


The Center for Sex and Culture has finally acquired library shelving. It is a very happy, proud and monumental moment for the Center. Soon we will be unpack the two full rooms of rare, unique, one of kind, historically significant and down right randy library material.

Our future plans include; the assessing of material, open library hours, access to our material via an online catalog, and a digitization project.

With the expansion of CSC,including our library and archive, we have plans to provide a space to produce webcasts, podcasts and a host of new accessible online sexual education and dissemination of accurate information on a larger world wide basis. We dream big. 

And dreamers cannot do it alone. 

A million thanks to all of our kick ass interns, volunteers and donors who lift, build, haul, clean, sweat, bleed and give us funding. We love you and need more of you. 

Thanks for all the amazing help you gave us in getting the new CSC library to step one!!! 


Library Vixen

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The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, strives to promote creativity, information, and healthy sexual knowledge.

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The Center for Sex & Culture is proud to be a recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Creative Space Grant, supporting CSC's physical space in three ways: developing our library (particularly shelving); improving our lighting grid, both for library and for our stage area; and supporting disability access to the building and its restroom facilities.


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