Body Heat Queer Femme Tour: West Coast 2013

February 8th 2013 at Center for Sex and Culture: 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco (between 9th and 10th Streets, on the corner of Grace Street.)

Doors 7:30, show 8:00 SHARP
Tickets $15.00 

The sixth and seventh installments of Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour are set to hit the road in 2013 with both a West Coast tour in February, and a South East tour in April.

Body Heat was founded in 2007 by Atlanta-based artist Kathleen Delaney with the hope of supporting and promoting Queer Femme visibility and desire through contributions to erotica, the sex industry, and the sex-positive movement. Body Heat has become a nationally known touring collective of fierce Femme porn/erotic authors, performers, poets, and dancers who offer a sizzling two hour performance, as well as a variety of workshops on sex and gender and erotic writing.

In addition to Kathleen, the 2013 line-up will feature published author and sex-workshop facilitator Jen Cross (San Francisco, CA.), The Femme Show founder & performer Maggie Cee (Boston, MA.), erotic writer and versatile performer Alex Cafarelli (Toronta, Canada), the graceful and elegant Burlesque dancer The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins (Oakland, CA.), femme-drag performer Asha Leong (Atlanta, GA.), published author Francis Varian (Durham, NC.), published author Kiki DeLovely (Durham, NC.), and featured guest Shar Rednour, author of “Femmes Guide to the Universe” (San Francisco, CA.)

Along with an arsenal of erotic song, dance, camp, poetry, smut, and prose, the femmes are often joined by special guests, such as celebrated sexologists and authors Carol Queen, Diana Cage, and Shar Rednour. Body Heat also welcomes new local performers at all stops along their tours to promote local organizing and community and to give emerging writers a chance to express themselves.

Body Heat has garnered such praise as “THE best Femme porn writers in the country,” (Center for Sex Positive Culture, Seattle, WA.) The Body Heat artists are diligent in their role of assisting communities in forming and discovering a more complex sexual identity through art and performance.



Performer Bios:

Body Heat Founder Kathleen Delaney-Adams is a Stone High Femme porn writer and spoken word performer. A National touring veteran, Kathleen is the founder and producer of BODY HEAT: Femme Porn Tour, now in it’s 6th touring year. A 1950’s housewife at heart, Kathleen’s current writing project is a Year of Cupcakes, found at CD, “Stiletto,” is available at CDBaby.

Al Schlong sure is one sexy guy! Born of necessity, forged in the fires of the dirty dirty, radical as street sex, delicious as southern peach melting on the tongue. Al is one drag king not afraid to express his feminine side: cuff links, suspenders and bankers cuffs all make him leak a little pre-cum. Al Schlong is sleazy; he’s not the guy you bring home to momma; rather the one in the morning that made you feel like you’d stepped into a 70’s movie as the judgment-challenged heroine. Check out his Schlong on FB: or Twitter: alschlong

Alex Cafarelli is a kinky genderqueer femme Jewish Witch based in Toronto. She debuted as a porn writer at age 10 with the short story Being Bisexual In One Day. Alex co-founded the Minneapolis-based performance group the Psycick Slutz and she performs with Sins Invalid, a San Francisco-based performance project on disability and sexuality. A professional gardener by day, she also teaches mindfulness and element-based magick with a feminist foundation in social and environmental justice. Find her on FB:

Jen Cross is a queer femme writer, workshop facilitator and performer whose work has appeared in a plethora of anthologies, including Women in Lust, The Healing Art of Writing 2010, Visible: A Femmethology (Vol. 1), Best Sex Writing 2008, Nobody Passes, Naughty Spanking Stories A-Z 2. Since 2002, Jen has facilitated sexuality and survivors writing workshops in the SF Bay Area and at colleges and organizations across the country. Visit her at

For the past 10 years, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been gracing stages across the world with her traditional burlesque. An ecdysiast exemplar, Vagina Jenkins style is reminiscent of classic glitz and glamour. Ms. Jenkins act defies audience expectations, wows them and leaves them wanting more. Be sure to check for Vagiant updates!

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