Queerbody: Get More of the Sex You Want: Flirting & Cruising

Tuesday, 9/16, 7-10pm

Sign up:

    Do you want to connect with new people and potential lovers more easily?
    Have you ever been cruised and totally missed it?
    Have you had a friend point it out to you when you got cruised or flirted with?
    Are you ever jealous or envious of your friends who seem to connect with guys easily?
    Have you ever wished that meeting and picking up guys was easier for you?

In this fun and playful *free* introductory workshop, we’ll be:

    playing with body language and other non-verbal cues
    learning successful flirting and cruising techniques and strategies.
    changing the way you think about and experience flirting, so you don’t have to *think about it* but can just play and enjoy connecting with new guys!

Flirting is *fun*! It’s a way of playing with people socially.

If you sometimes find yourself stuck, paralyzed with nerves, or just plain confused about what’s supposed to be happening, this is a great place to come and have a new, more fun experience!

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