Whorecast LIVE w/ Siouxsie Q & Melissa Gira Grant
March 21, 2014

Join host Siouxsie Q and author and freelance journalist Melissa Gira Grant for a special live recording of the world’s most beloved sex work podcast, Whorecast, celebrating the launch of Melissa’s new book Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work.

"Melissa Gira Grant has done something remarkable: She has produced a text that challenges pervasive narratives about prostitution, exploitation and even trafficking resulting in an astute argument for a complete overhaul of the way we think about sex work. Playing the Whore is 136 pages of critical information. I highlighted or underlined something on almost ever single page. I believe this book should be required reading for anyone with an opinion about sex work." - Siouxsie Q


The sex industry is an endless source of prurient drama for the mainstream media. Recent years have seen a panic over “online red light districts,” which supposedly seduce vulnerable young women into a life of degradation. But rarely do these fearful, dispatches come from sex workers themselves, and rarely do they deviate from the position that sex workers must be rescued from their condition, and the industry simply abolished — a position common among feminists and conservatives alike. In Playing the Whore, journalist Melissa Gira Grant turns these on their head, arguing for an overhaul in the way we think about sex work. She dismantles pervasive myths about sex work, criticizes both conditions within the sex industry and its criminalization, and argues that separating sex work from the “legitimate” economy only harms those who perform sexual labor. Melissa argues that sex work is work, and sex workers’ rights are human rights.


Melissa Gira Grant a writer and freelance journalist covering sex, tech, and politics, in the streets and everywhere else. She’s a contributing editor at Jacobin, and her reporting and commentary appears in The Nation, Wired, The Atlantic, Glamour, The Guardian, In These Times, The Washington Post, Dissent, The American Prospect, Reason, Slate, Jezebel, and Valleywag, among other publications. Playing the Whore is the result of ten years of writing and reporting on the sex trade, and grounded in her experience as an organizer, advocate, and former sex worker.


Sex worker, podcaster, columnist, and playwright: Siouxsie Q is a jack of all trades. Her weekly podcast, The WhoreCast, and her SF Weekly column The Whore Next Door strive to humanize sex workers by sharing their stories, art and voices. Over the past year, Siouxsie Q has been a guest expert for the Savage Love column, interviewed Ira Glass, and starred in her hit original play Fish Girl. The Whorecast has climbed the charts to now be rated in as one of the Top 10 Sexuality podcasts on iTunes. Siouxsie Q, simply put, is a sex worker super hero dedicated to fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Whore.

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