Fred Noland draws from a deep well of inspiration ranging from 
the Expressionists to Underground Comics. His illustrations have 
appeared in the SF Weekly, LA WeeklyTennisBikeNickelodeon
Canoe and Kay
akIllinois TimesXboX MagazineTokyoPop
Santa Fe Reporter
 and more. His sequential art has been featured 
in the Cartoon Art Museum, and the Oakland Museum at the OAK 
installation. He has also taken part in group shows at San Francisco’s 
SOMARTS and Amaru Galleries and RPS in Oakland.

As a cartoonist, he has produced a series of increasingly innovative and 
eccentric minis. His current project, Black Sheep, features his most 
ambitious work yet. The six-part “Neighborhood of the Beast” explores
the darker side of suburbia. Other highlights include the Southern Gothic 
Midnight Creep
 and his self proclaimed “jam comic from hell” Mantequilla 
del Pato
 (with the incomparable Trevor Alixopulos).

Check out his twitter too. 

That’s right, you guessed it. Fred Noland will be at Bookish Beasts. Come show support for all these incredible local artists. 

Bookish Beasts: A Zine & Comic Fest. 18+

APRIL 14th Noon - 6PM

Zines, comics and art by the Bay Area’s best creators of transgressive and erotic material.

The Center for Sex & Culture

1349 Mission St. SF.

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The Center for Sex & Culture Library/Archive @ 12th Annual SF Zine Fest! Aug 31st 1:00pm-2:00pm

The Center for Sex & Culture presents “Send Us Your Sick & Twisted: Community Cataloging Sexually Diverse Zines at the CSC.” A panel discussion on the advocacy to preserve and present deviant zines at CSC while engaging the community. Presented by:  Anissa Malady, MLIS, Resident Librarian; Tess McCarthy, MLIS, Resident Archivist and, Ian Callahan, Community Cataloger.

The CSC Zineography project began when the Library/Archive crew uncovered a wealth of erotic, nasty (in a good way), subversive, sexual health, gender bending, queer, sex worker related zines, booklets and pamphlets. The artist in all of us fell in love with this collection and became instantly attached to getting this material cataloged and curated as a way to make them available to the community.

The growing amount of material in the zine collection required assistance in our cataloging efforts, which is when I recalled how material was being cataloged and culled for metadata at the San Francisco State University, American Poetry Archive (APA). As an intern at the APA I was able to take part in what they termed “community cataloging.” One student would be assigned one poet- they would research that poet, listen to the large amount of digital recordings from that particular poet that are part of the Poetry Archives holdings-  the student would take detailed cataloging notes that would then be turned into HTML metadata used in the APA’s growing digital archive.

This method of “community cataloging” led to richer detail and a higher wealth of metadata to create searchable records from. The better the metadata the greater the access. At CSC we applied this same methodology. The amazing volunteers, some with official library training and others who have become “accidental librarians,” have become amazing community catalogers and have created a valuable catalog with detailed information about each zine.

The hope for this project is inclusion in a larger community of Zine Libraries, by means of a union catalog (a combined library catalog describing the collections of a number of libraries). Currently we are working in a newly formed metadata schema called xZINECOREx- developed by Milo Miller, one of the co-founders of QZAP, the Queer Zine Archive Project and other Zine libraries. ZINECORE will allow for greater access by means of combined forces. Having Zine libraries use the same method or standards of cataloging is crucial to us all becoming part of a union catalog and creating greater access of information to a wider community of users.

To get involved in the community cataloging and the CSC Zine Project e-mail-

   Also, if you have a website with links to zine libraries, please add ours: The Center for Sex & Culture, 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 | CSC Library/Archive CSC Zineography Zine Catalog Join us at the  12th Annual SF Zine Fest! The Bay Area’s Premiere Zine Festival

Aug 31st 1:00pm-2:00pm

San Francisco County Fair Building

1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way

(in Golden Gate Park)

Free Admission!

SF Zine Fest on Facebook


Center for Sex & Culture

CSC Zineography

 and don’t forget the annual post-party at Mission Comics & Art.





Fairoaks Project Closing Reception June 30, 2013 1-4 pm
Frank Melleno’s Polaroid photography captured an extraordinary glimpse into pre-AIDS gay sexual culture. Melleno was part-owner and night manager of The Fairoaks Hotel, a unique San Francisco bathhouse operating from 1977 to 1979. His candid images are remarkable, documenting the social and sexual behavior with celebration and no apology.

The Fairoaks was owned and operated by a gay commune, lending a counter-culture approach to the establishment. There were monthly theme parties including costume and “Open Door” parties, when room doors would be removed from hinges. Many images contain nudity and erotic scenes.

The restored images, known as The Fairoaks Project, were well received at Los Angeles venues Highways and drkrm/Gallery. The Advocate and Lambda Literary have written articles on The Fairoaks Project.

CSC Library: 2nd Annual Book Sale! Pride Day, June 30th 1-4 
The CSC is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Library Book Sale/Open House. The 2nd Annual Book Sale will feature even more rare finds and wonderful smutty treasures than our first! Up for purchase will be all the items from our online Alibirs Bookstore, duplicates of rare magazines and serials important to the LGBTQIQA community, plus items such as, Heavy Metal, Penthouse, Playboy, erotic literature, art and photography, and much much more! All prices will be negotiable and proceeds will directly benefit the CSC Library & Archive.

Please stop in on Pride Day to enjoy the library, the art and being with great, smart, creative people at the Center for Sex and Culture— your lil’ local sex community center.

The Center for Sex and Culture Library & Archive was born from, and is sustained by, donated collections of books, magazines, journals, zines, comics, dissertations, works of art, videos, memorabilia, and personal papers of key members of the community.

For information about last years sale: The Center for Sex & Culture’s Spring Smut Sale: Own a Part of Our Sexual History written for the The SF Weekly by Alexis Coe


I’m happy to say that we have launched the Kickstarter campaign for the first catalog to be published by the Center for Sex and Culture Gallery. We have chosen a very important body of work for this first effort: our collection of safer sex posters, graciously donated to us by Buzz Bense. I would very much appreciate any donation you can make to support this project, but also your efforts in spreading the word about this campaign.

Many of us remember vividly the period in the 1980s and 90s when campaigns promoting safer sex practices developed, looking back on the visual materials from these campaigns has been both a moving experience of memory and an exciting new perspective of the work many of us did in that time. As these posters and other materials begin to pass in to something more like history than recent memory, we get to see them again. Thankfully, we can now see a little more of their artistry rather than only seeing the urgency that created their message.

These materials are of both cultural and artistic significance. They were often created by advertising and illustration professionals who were suddenly free to apply their best and most innovative ideas that may have been constrained by mainstream business. With the lives and health of their community at stake, and often their own, these artists brought all of their skill to bear on efforts to save lives.

The catalog will contain images of these collected materials, primarily posters, including safer sex campaigns from North America, Europe, and Oceania. We will also include an art historical essay by Alex Fialho as well as Alex’s interview of Buzz Bense about the collection he accumulated and a foreward by Dr. Carol Queen.

Please join us in producing this important volume of materials, both for the preservation of history and to communicate to the world more broadly the great power of the work so many did in desperate times. Your contribution is critical to our success. You will be rewarded at various levels with copies of the catalog, original posters (duplicates from the collection), CSC Library tote bags (it’s like we are PBS, no?), and even a personalized tour of the archive guided by our gallerist, Dorian Katz and CSC executive director Dr. Carol Queen.
CSC’s exhibition displaying nearly 100 of these safer sex posters from the Buzz Bense collection opens on November 8 at 7 pm, and runs through January 31st 2014.

Thank you so much for your support of this project. It means a great deal.



BiblioBound: A Library Play Party
Hosted by BiblioButch

Calling all literate sexual beings & text obsessed perverts - come play at the Center for Sex & Culture!  We’re taking our cue from their gorgeous library and throwing a play party to celebrate the bookworm, nerd and typeset fetishist in all of us.  Let your naughty librarian exact those overdue fines in full!  Turn your homework in late if you dare! Dress in your nerdy, schoolboi, or geeked-out best and come cruise, flirt, fuck and play with the Bay’s hottest perverts.

All sorts of fun, kinky play & sex welcome! This party is in conjunction with Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo® - if you are a rope lover, bring your rope and claim an open rafter.  Perhaps you’ll even be able to spot a student hard at their practice! BiblioBound is for sapiosexuals* of all orientations, genders & inclinations. 

Proceeds from BiblioBound will benefit the important work of the Center for Sex & Culture.

Tickets are $25 at the door or $20 in advance. Feeling flush?  Donate more to support the community. Buy your online tickets HERE!

No one will be turned away for lack of funds; volunteer spots for full comps are available, please emailbibliobutch at for details.

When: Saturday, August 18th, 8 pm to 1 am

Where: The Center for Sex & Culture. 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco (between 9th and 10th Streets, on the corner of Grace Street.)

Please note that Mission St has parking restrictions so please follow all posted signs.

This event is strictly 18+, please bring your I.D.


*Sapiosexual: 1. (n.) A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.

About Midori’s Rope Bondage Dojo®: A two-day intensive, unique hands-on learning experience.  Next San Francisco Dojo in January 2013, for more please visit

About your host: BiblioButch is a queer dyke activist & trouble-maker happy to provide a sex positive event in the Bay’s cornucopia.

About the Center for Sex & Culture: The mission of the CSC is to provide judgment-free education, cultural events, a library/media archive, and other resources to audiences across the sexual and gender spectrum; and to research and disseminate factual information, framing and informing issues of public policy and public health.

* All ticket sales final and non refundable. If you aren’t able to attend, the proceeds will still go to the Center for Sex & Culture. 


Center for Sex and Culture at 3rd Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest

December 8th, 2012 · 10am - 5pm

Berkeley City College: 2050 Center St. Berkeley, CA

Center for Sex and Culture head librarian Anissa Malady and interning archivist Tess McCarthy will be appearing at EBABZ 2012 to highlight our zine holdings and discuss planned preservation and digitization of the collection, as well as to preview zine showcase and workshop, Bookish Beasts, coming to the Center April 14th, 2013. More info to come!

East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest:

Official Site | Tumblr | Facebook Event

About the Center for Sex and Culture Library and Archive:

The Center for Sex & Culture Library and Archive was born from, and is sustained by, donated collections of books, magazines, journals, zines, comics, dissertations, works of art, videos, memorabilia, and the personal papers of key members of the community. It is being cataloged by a team of dedicated volunteers and interns, under the supervision of Anissa Malady, MLIS.


The Center for Sex and Culture is Proud to Host

Kayt Sukel- The Big “O”:  The Science of Orgasm

Tuesday, June 26, 7:30pm 

Held at the Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission St. Btwn. 9th & 10th., San Francisco, CA

$5-10 sliding scale, NOTAFLOF

Books will be available for purchase!

While some might suggest the human brain dematerializes at orgasm, scientists are learning that it’s a whole brain kind of experience.  Kayt Sukel, author of DIRTY MINDS: HOW OUR BRAINS INFLUENCE LOVE, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS, is one of the few women in the world who has had her brain scanned at the point of sexual climax in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner.  She will openly discuss her own experience, what scientists are learning about the big O—and explain why its study has implications for our understanding of pain, pleasure and human consciousness.


Kayt Sukel is the author of the critically acclaimed book, DIRTY MINDS: HOW OUR BRAINS INFLUENCE LOVE, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS.

A passionate traveler and science writer, her work has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, the New Scientist, USAToday, the Washington Post, ISLANDS, Parenting, the Bark, AmericanBaby, and the AARP Bulletin. She is a partner at the award-winning family travel website Travel Savvy Mom, and is also a frequent contributor to the Dana Foundation’s many science publications. Much of her work can be found on her website, including stories about out-of-body experiences, computer models of schizophrenia, and exotic travel with young children. She lives outside Houston and frequently overshares onTwitter as @kaytsukel


Thanks for making the first ever SPRING SMUT SALE a lovely successes. 

I will be packing, boxing and redistributing what did not sell, I will be doing this tomorrow— anyone is welcome to stop in if them missed the sale today or just want to come back for more. 

This window of opportunity is brief though— Tomorrow— Sunday from 11-1. 

1349 Mission Street bn 9th and 10th. 

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The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, strives to promote creativity, information, and healthy sexual knowledge.

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