School of Shimmy: Choreography with Alotta Boutte

Saturday August 16, 2-4 pm

Center for Sex and Culture


Learn how to radiate onstage and command your audience with just a look or flick of the wrist! This class is designed to help you get into your skin so you can own the stage. Through dance and choreography, we’ll explore what’s it’s like to be in your body, learn how it moves and what stage presence physically feels like. Funny, educational, and good for all levels of movers, Alotta teaches you how to expand your presence and take up space while making you laugh, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, and have a damn good time. Wear your dance clothes. Heels welcome but not required.

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The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, strives to promote creativity, information, and healthy sexual knowledge.

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The Center for Sex & Culture is proud to be a recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Creative Space Grant, supporting CSC's physical space in three ways: developing our library (particularly shelving); improving our lighting grid, both for library and for our stage area; and supporting disability access to the building and its restroom facilities.


SF Weekly Best of 2011 Best of the Bay 2009 Winner

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