Panel discussion: Submission, Feminism and Trauma

Sunday, 8/24, 6-8pm

Join fellow women and gender/sexual minorities (GSM) in a group discussion about how submission intersects with experiences of trauma from within a feminist framework. 

The idea for this discussion was born out of personal experiences of being a trauma survivor, submissive, and a feminist. We at the Center for Sex and Culture believe there are far reaching implications in this identity that are not often discussed, and that it is a tenant of sex positivity to make space for (hard, traumatic) lived experiences as they relate to sexuality and gender identity.

some topics we could discuss: 

-how does a submissive role intersect with experiences of trauma?
-How, as a sub, to ask for/give consent in a scene with (a) partner/s when you are feeling triggered
- how queer/BDSM/sex-pos cultural events do/do not a center submissive trauma survivors and what this looks like— i.e. what are personal experiences of consent at queer/BDSM/sexpos cultural events?
-What is triggering? Are there commonalities between us?
-How does feminism and submission intersect, especially when some participants in feminist/sexpos culture emphasize sexual subcultures as a “safe space” (which is not always/often true). 

These are all heavy topics, but we believe it’s a conversation worth having. 
Resources relating to consent and survivors are posted on the facebook page:
 A possible second meeting (in a more casual location) can be arranged for us folks who might be needing extra care/conversation after this discussion. 

The goal is that this conversation will go the way the group wants— in order to do that, we ask that everyone who comes bring one topic/question they would like to discuss. 

A suggestion for discussion format (open to changes/other ideas):
6pm: introductions/ points of unity 
6:30: break off groups depending on size, group decides on topic of discussion 
7: come back together and discuss topics all together 
7:45: talk about what’s next relating to topics we discussed. 
8pm: wrap up

We would also love if other folks would like to moderate either as a group or by themselves! Send us a message and we can discuss :)

This discussion is open to subs/bottoms/switches only. 
Women = anyone who identifies as a woman and GSM = anyone who is not heterosexual and/or cisgendered.

$5 suggested donation for use of the space.
$10 suggested donation if you would like snacks & drinks.
we ask to keep the space scent free. 
accessible space.

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