Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer

Anna Zusman
Opening Reception: Friday August 1, 7-10 pm
Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer

August 1 – September 21, 2014
Closing Reception: Folsom Fair Sunday September 21, 4-7 pm 

Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer focuses on work by Bay Area visual artists addressing themes of themes of sexuality, sexual identity, and gender identity in their art. Curated and juried by Jenn Moreno and Dorian Katz, artists were told “please do not censor yourself. Nothing is too perverse!” 

Doing Your Dirty Work is CSC’s annual group show of contemporary artists. This year’s show, as the title suggests, stays Closer, limiting submissions to Bay Area artists, and goes Deeper, presenting more work by each artist. By limiting the show to a dozen artists, rather than the usual few dozens, we hope to better allow the viewer to get to know each of these brilliant and perverse contributors to sexual culture making. Work ranges from embroidered doilies of porn star Sasha Grey’s face mid money-shot, collages of gay porn and auction house antiques woven together, digital prints of beloved artists lost to the AIDS Crisis in both San Francisco and New York, and racy yet old-fashioned pencil drawings of human-machine hybrids caught ‘in flagrante delicto.’

Join us at the reception to take a deeper, closer look at artworks by: Anna Zusman, Cricket, crissy bell snail, Emma Laughlin, Felicita Norris, gregory farrar scott, James Courtney, Jon Macy, Shayna Why, Shilo McCabe, Tyler Cohen, Win Mixter with Alex Fialho.
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