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Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer

Open to Artists in the San Francisco Bay Area Only

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Doing Your Dirty Work 3: Deeper, Closer is a group exhibition at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California that will focus on a small group of artist working in the Bay Area. We invite all Bay Area artists that are at least 18 years old to submit recent artwork that deals with themes of sexuality, sexual identity and gender identity.  Please do not censor yourself. Nothing is too perverse!

By including fewer artists in this year’s Doing Your Dirty Work, we intend to take a deeper look at the work of local artists. At this time, it grows increasingly difficult for artists to remain in the Bay Area—so we are choosing to look at work by local culture-makers who make art about sex.

The Center for Sex and Culture Gallery aims to provide space for artwork of significant merit that addresses sexuality and sexual identity, especially those that are non-normative. We offer a space for explicit content that is rarely shown at mainstream venues. Often, erotic art exhibitions represent perspectives that are primarily hetero, cis, and/or white centric. CSC Gallery makes bridging these divides and providing a solution to these shortcomings its mission.

Submissions are due at midnight Wednesday, June 18th. The show will be from Friday, August 1st through Sunday, September 28th. Artists must be able to deliver and pick up their work at the Center for Sex and Culture.

To enter your work, send the following to

  • 5 images, jpegs less than 2mb each; no zip files
  • List of images with size, media and title (in the body of your email)
  • Artist CV
  • Statement less than 300 words about your work (in the body of your email).
  • On the main page of click on the red donate button on the right side to pay $15 art entry fee. (Note that you have paid entry fee in body of your email.)
  • The Center for Sex and Culture is a mixed-use community center, so floor space is not available for the exhibition. All work must be able to be mounted on the wall. We do not have equipment to present video work, but will accept wall-mounted video work with provided equipment. Wall-mounted sculpture is also acceptable.

Deadline: June 18th, 2014
Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA


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