Stefano Laforgia: Mastering Rope

Tuesday May 13, 2014 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
At the Center for Sex and Culture
$20 per person
Tickets here

Tying fast and tying neat. This workshop focuses on exercising and improving muscle memory in order to achieve better results in the quality and speed of your ties. No matter your level of experience, streamlining the way you move the rope will make a palpable difference to your bottoms; good rope handling is one of the essential tools for making the tying process feel like hot foreplay.
What to bring: 4x 7-8m (23-26ft) 5-7mm natural fiber ropes

About Stefano
Stefano Laforgia is an Italian Rigger and BDSM educator. He started his journey in BDSM at early age, but lived it mainly in private until he moved in Rome in 2000, where he became an active member of the local BDSM community.
In 2005 he quit his office job and decided to live his lifestyle in a public way when he founded Alcova, the first fetish/BDSM shop in Rome. Since then he has worked on various projects, both in Italy and around the world: he was the first to organize bondage classes in Rome, organized play parties and took part in BDSM themed workshops and conferences. In 2011 Stefano founded the first School of Japanese Bondage in Italy, and organized “LegARTI”, the first event in Italy entirely dedicated to Japanese bondage.
His approach to shibari has shifted with time especially since 2008, when he started visiting Japan and met some of the best Japanese kinbakushi, making acquaintances with some of them, including Kinoko Hajime, who Stefano invited to come and perform in Europe for the first time.
Stefano was so fascinated with Japanese bondage that he started to share his views about it with other Italian and international riggers during various events in the following years, contributing to the genesis of a new trend that emphasizes the connection and interaction between the rigger and the bottom. This process clearly shows in the type of ties he uses and through his pictures, where Stefano becomes more and more an active part of the image, a whole with the model, showing the connection, the erotic tension, and the power exchange with the bottom.

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