Intro to Pole Dance & Erotic Movement 4 All Genders/All Bodies

Sat Apr 19, 2014 1pm – 3:30pm

This class is a fundraiser for the Center for Sex and Culture.

$45-25 suggested donation OR MORE! We’re raising $$$ here folks! PayPal to to reserve your spot in class. —> be sure to put your Facebook name in the notes if different from your PayPal (legal) name. Cash at the door accepted IF spots available.

This class is for ALL bodies, ALL genders, all orientations, all ages! If you’ve ever thought pole dancing looked fun and you want to try, this is your chance! You don’t have to be skinny or feminine to have fun on the pole!

Erotic Movement is all the amazing sensuous movement used by pole dancers between tricks, burlesque performers, the pussycat dolls, and go go boys every where! It is easy adapted to express your personal style, your mood, any type of music, and any body. :)

**Limited to 12 students** to allow for personal attention and time on the poles!!!

Be prepared to dance barefoot. You may bring high heels WITH ANKLE STRAPS if desired. They should NOT have grip soles. Please clean the soles with soap and water before arrival.

***DO NOT apply lotion/oil/body butter/glitter spray/etc to any part of your body the day of class!!! Sounds silly but this is very important!!! Oil or lotion transfers easily to the pole and impares everyone’s safety and enjoyment of class, even if applied many hours earlier.***

Please bring a water bottle and a small terry hand towel. If you would like to take notes, please bring your preferred materials for that.

Wear layers of clothes you feel good in, that stretch and move with your body. “Stripping” is NOT required however some pole moves require skin-to-pole contact with ankles, shins, knees, and upper thighs. Booty shorts, boykini bottoms, Speedos, wrestling shorts, etc all are good options for those who feel comfortable.

This is a body positive, sex-positive, safe, welcoming, environment.

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