First Wednesdays with Anya & Friends! 

Sacred Kink for Pleasure with Anya de Montigny & Francesca Gentille

February 5, 2014 6:30-9:30pm
At CSC, 1349 Mission

Are you excited about the possibility of weaving a Sacred Ritual into your Kinky play?

Does the thought of expanding your possibilities around Ecstatic trance states sound tempting?

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to play with sexual energy?

Would you love to combine pleasure & erotic healing into your sex life? 

Then join Anya de Montigny & Francesca Gentille for a special class on Sacred Kink and enter into a whole new world of possibility. 

Sex Educators Anya de Montigny & Francesca Gentille are excited to offer you a unique and sexy class that explores the dynamic and ecstatic combination of Sacred Ritual and Kink.

With a combination of Lecture, Q&A, *LIVE DEMO* and optional Hands-On Lab (you must have a friend or partner to practice with if you want to stay for this portion of the evening). 

You will learn:

Communication Exercises: asking the questions that deepen intimacy & connection

Breathing Exercises: to unlock energy, and blood flow, and weave it with your partner

Visualization Techniques for guiding and enhancing the sensation & the intentions of the play

Creating Ritual: Including setting the space, utilizing toys & household objects to create the mood and catalyze a sense of mystery

*Optional* for those who want to practice it is optional to do a mini Kink Ritual with your partner.  Anya & Francesca can offer support and guidance and answer questions during this part of the evening.

This is part of the Workshop Series, “First Wednesdays with Anya & Friends” at the Center for Sex & Culture.  Come be a part of the magic of these workshops and bring your friends!

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A Hands-On Sex Ed Workshop Series at The Center for Sex & Culture.  
Join Anya de Montigny and Guest Teachers for an amazing 12 month workshop series on the first Wednesday of every month.  With lectures, Live Demos & Hands-On lab you will walk away with new tools and techniques for a sizzling sex life.  Perfect for couples looking to add a little spice to their relationships or singles who want some new skills these workshops will include the latest breakthroughs in sexual education for adults!

All classes 6:30-9pm

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Anya de Montigny is a Sexuality Expert with over 18 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups. Anya has credentials as a Sex Educator, Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sexological Bodyworker and combines her classroom training with her years of hands-on work in the sex industry to bring to the public the best in adult sex education.  Anya de Montigny is the host of the popular radio show: The O Word ~ Women’s Sex Talk Radio that airs every Friday 12-2pm PT through and can be streamed through TuneIn & Stitcher Radio Apps. You will see Anya around the San Francisco Bay Area teaching classes, volunteering at San Francisco Sex Information and hanging out with her filmmaker partner and their family. 

This class is part of a year-long series, First Wednesdays with Anya & Friends at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco featuring lectures, live demos and guest teachers throughout the years 2013/2014! To learn more about the series CLICK HERE

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