Tough Love: A Half-century of Masculine Homoerotic Imagery from the SF Bay Area
Friday September 7, 6-10pm, opening reception
Sunday September 16, 7-9pm, Roundtable discussion with curator Dr. Jordy Jones, artists, and others 
Friday, September 21, 7-10pm, Folsom Weekend reception

From the earliest depictions of stiff-pricked hunters adorning cave walls and rock faces, images of masculine virility have evoked notions of generative power. Hard stuff makes shit happen, and men have been fucking around with other men for fucking ever. Fast forward to the 20th and 21st centuries, and a host of male homosexual identities mix, meld, separate and clash. Queens, fems, faeries and various gender fuckers disrupt the order of straight society by adopting, valorizing or mocking aspects of female embodiment, style and culture. 

Meantime masculine homosexual men disturb the stereotype of the flaming faggot through emphasizing butch  sartorial and behavioral codes and highlighting masculine virtues. The artists of Tough Love, their models, and the action they mix up are butch, masculine, tough, hardworking, hardplaying, passionate about other men and anything at all except….”straight acting.” Tough Love represents a selection from the last 50 years of masculine homoerotic imagery from the San Francisco Bay Area.

From Arnett to Zach, cum see art incorporating activism, assplay, boys, bars, boots and  bondage, bears and bottoms, cocks, canes and cum, daddies, dungeons, The SF Eagle, foot fans, flogging, gear, gay priests, handballers,  hard ons, jack-o-lanterns jacking off, jocks kissing, lovers, leather and  levis, locks and chains, men, Masters, masochists,  political stuff, pain and pleasure, pups, queers, rope, rubber, raunch, sex, street art, slaves and sadists, Tops, torture, tough guys and ugly fucks, veterans with problems, whipping, watersports, and other groovy x-rated pics.

It’s a happening! Help make it a sizzling scene. Dress hot, bring your best buds, check out art and guys and play on the St. Andrew’s cross. Artists: bring your portfolios for show-n-tell. Live and spontaneous art encouraged! More info at:

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