Under My Big Top — A Very Sexy Circus with Fleur De Lis


Under My Big Top — A Very Sexy Circus

September 21, 2012 8PM

657 Harrison, San Francisco

Welcome to Under My Big Top, ladies and gentlemen. For your entertainment, I created a sexy circus as a way for my readers to see the world through my eyes for an evening. I am taking all of the faces from my writing and bringing them to you for one sexy night, and this year my performers and guest stars exceeded even my wildest imagination. Performers include: Carol Queen, Jamie DeWolf, Vagina Jenkins, MC Crumbsnatcher, Ginger Murray, Dossie Easton, Dixie De La Tour, Ripplee Severin, Rain DeGrey, The Mayhems, Broke Ass Stuart, Ultraviolent, Thora Hammer, Morgan, Miss Scarlett Black, Midori, Monika Thomas, Allison Moon as well as many others.

Performances Include: Electricity play, live erotic performance art, burlesque, comedy, spoken word, sex-education, suspension, BDSM performances, music, and more. It is a night for our sex positive community to show you who we are and what we do. It is a vast array of talent that you will rarely see under one fantastic roof. This evening will be a kaleidoscope of perversion, education, and beauty. Once the circus is over, you can dance the night away with all these sex positive peeps. Beyond the entertainment, it is a night to immerse yourself in fantasy, whimsy, and desire.

I look forward to seeing you all Under My Big Top, September 21, 2012. Since this is a private event, no tickets will be sold at the door.

— Fleur De Lis

Supporters of the Center for Sex and Culture, don’t miss your chance to bid on Jiz Lee  during the night’s Sexy Auction. Highest bidders enjoy 30 minutes of companionship for the evening on a private bed within the VIP area. 

All proceeds from Jiz Lee’s auction benefit the CSC.


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