Doing Your Dirty Work: A Sampler of Contemporary Art About Sex

August 3rd-September 1
Artists’ Reception Friday August 3rd, 6-9 pm
Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street, San Francisco

Despite San Francisco’s reputation for a sexually frank and diverse culture, art dealing with sexuality is as marginalized here as anywhere. The theme of our first juried show is much the same as the mission of the CSC gallery; to provide a space for work that addresses sexuality and sexual identity and upholds a high standard of artistic merit. 

Doing Your Dirty Work aims to stand as evidence that art about sex is every bit as valid, complex, compelling, beautiful, ugly and sophisticated as art ever is. Our call for submissions, expressing this simple notion, generated hundreds of responses from seventeen countries. Many, as expected, were submissions from artists whose sexual work is excluded from their otherwise successful careers. Many were from artists whose careers are limited by the sexual content of their work.

We have selected art that runs from comical to carnivorous and from haute to hairy. Like The Center for Sex and Culture itself, there is something for almost everyone. 
Dorian Katz, Curator

Doing Your Dirty Work includes work by: Scott Andrew, Rocky Angel, Patti Beadles, DeAndre Britton, M.C. Carolyn, Sapira Cheuk, Rob Clarke, Tyler Cohen, Paul DeRuvo, George Dinhaupt, Katrina Eaton, Sydney Hardin, Michael Hecht, Angus Henderson, Kerry Kelly, Lisa Kereszi, Julienne Kopel, Sonia Lei, Maria Llopis, Jon Macy, Kate MacDonald, Shilo McCabe, Edith Meijering, Kenney Mencher, Brittany Neimeth, crystal am nelson, Mitsu Okubo, Emmett Ramstad, Jason Talley, Karen Thomas, Jason Watson, Christopher Udemezue, Valentina Venturi, Danny Volk, Morgan Weinart, Anselm Wether and Lena Ambrose, Tyger Yoshi and Alec Joseph Bates, Adam Zucker

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image: Brotherly Love by Jason Talley

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The Center for Sex & Culture, located in San Francisco at 1349 Mission St. between 9th and 10th, strives to promote creativity, information, and healthy sexual knowledge.

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