Carol Queen’s B-Day Ho-Down!!

Friday, July 20, 7:30pm: A benefit for the Center for Sex & Culture 

At The Make-Out Room, 3225 22nd St.

$10-50 sliding scale 

Celebrating 55 somewhat long, often strange, and mostly sexy trips around the sun, Carol has asked many of her favorite performers to come out and entertain her — and YOU!

On the bill so far we welcome:

The burlesque stylings of Alexa von Kickinface

Literary chameleon M.Christian

The SO aptly-named Morgan’s Funny

Peripatetic genius Sadie Lune

Soon-to-be-ex-Bay Area treasure Beth Lisick (our loss is Brooklyn’s gain)

The music & sheer stunning presence of the one and only cabaret star- Megs from MegaFlame and Hassan, the American Nomad.

More fabulous artistes still being added! 

Plus we’ll pull some auction items together, or figure out some other way to win/buy/acquire fabulous stuff. 

It’s Dr. Carol Queen’s Birthday month, which I always use for a Center for Sex & Culture fund drive; can you contribute? It will culminate with a birthday show/fundraiser and shindig at the Make-Out Room on July 20, so please save the date. (Performers, I am still putting this together — let me know if you want to participate, I’ll see how many slots I still have to work with…!)

CSC is working on a bare-bones budget these days and has made many fabulous improvements to the space since we moved in, mostly via our own cash flow. We would like to retire our credit card debt this summer which was mainly associated with getting moved in, and your donations will go towards that purpose and toward bridging us over the always-lean month of August, when all y’all go wear peacock feathers on the playa.

Checks here: 2261 Market St #455-A SF CA 94114 Credit card donations: Wads of cash can be stuffed into our pockets at any opportunity! And ANY amount helps us move this fabulous one-of-a-kind, all-volunteer, labor of sex-positive love into the future. We have people coming to enjoy our library now, and a pack of scholars coming next month to swarm the archives and extract bits of amazing info; we have the most wonderful volunteer staff and interns coming from all over, all because the Center for Sex & Culture EXISTS!

Please help us stay stable and able to provide space for all these amazing things we (and our communities) do. Pass this note on to others if you can. Wishing us all mondo pleasure! xox—CQ

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