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                Center for Sex & Culture Internship Program

The Center for Sex & Culture (CSC) welcomes interns from colleges around the country and the world. Students may choose to arrive at any time of year to work with us. There are several areas of focus that you can choose from in our internship program: Library and archival work, research and development, and events production and marketing. 

Note:  If you have contacted us to request info on an internship or volunteer position and you haven’t heard back (or you did once, in January, and never again), you are a casualty of director Carol Queen’s recent computer crash and you haver her HUGE apologies.  Please feel free to re-send any such emails!


As an intern in the CSC Library, you will work closely with our Librarian- Anissa Malady, MLIS. Projects for the library include cataloging, indexing, research, and processing library material, donations and other items in the collection. For more information about interning in the Library, email


 Gallery interns work closely with our curator, Dorian Katz, to gain hands on experience running our visual arts program. Gallery interns work on various projects including art installation/handling, preparing archive material for installation, press releases and other written materials, fundraising events for gallery programs, staffing art receptions and organizing arts events. The Center for Sex and Culture Gallery often works collaboratively across departments with our library and archive teams.


This position is best suited for students with an strong interest in curating, art addressing issues of sexuality, and erotica in contemporary art as well as throughout art history. The internship program is a great educational experience for anyone interested in sex education, nonprofit development, working in visual art, and working with a diverse community of sex-positive people in the arts.

For more information contact


At the CSC Archive your internship will include work that will help build the skills you already have and learn skills that will help you in an entry level archive position in the future. The Archives is embarking on a remarkable journey, in that there is a selection of operational tasks (moving, arranging and organizing) and preservation (digitizing parts of the collection). Under the supervision of the lead archivist you will be helping to create a world-class repository where researchers and users can learn about dynamics of human sexuality and its rich cultural heritage through the lenses of others. For more information about interning with the archive, email

Social Media

Working with CSC staff, you will post social media updates in the form of news, event reminders, and relevant content curation across several networks: Facebook, FetLife, OPENLY, Tumblr, and Twitter. Projects for social media include developing and updating social media guidelines for current and future interns and staff, implementing social media campaigns, monitoring the web for mentions of the Center and associated organizations and people, corresponding with staff and event presenters about upcoming events and news, posting engaging content to the CSC blog, and assisting with main website functionality and aesthetics. For more information about interning in social media, e-mail

Research and Development

You will work closely with our Executive Director, Carol Queen, PhD. Projects for research and development include grant research and writing, assisting with administrative work such as data entry, mailings to our members and donors, and creating future programming and projects. 

Events Production and Marketing

You will work closely with Carol Queen. Projects for events production and marketing include assisting in events creating, working with teachers and performers, developing marketing materials, writing press releases, researching new promotions and event possibilities. 

For more information about interning in Research and Development or Events Production and Marketing, email

Expectations for interns

  • Ability to work individually and in a group 
  • Show up for your shifts on time
  • Willingness to help out with unexpected projects that arise
  • Ability to communicate effectively, in writing and verbally
  • Comfort around sexual content, books, media, and other materials

We encourage interns who are interested in bringing new ideas to the table and to arrive with a strong interest in collaboration. The internship program is a great educational experience for anyone interested in sex education, nonprofit development, library science and connecting with an amazing, diverse community of sex-positive people from all walks of life.  

If you are interested in our internship program- please fill out and submit the application. We will contact you once we receive your application. You may email it back, or post to CSC, 2261 Market #455-a, San Francisco, CA 94114.

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